Here's what I had to say when the Miss California scandal broke...

Losing was the best thing that ever happened to Miss CA, frankly, and to the Miss USA Pageant. I couldn’t have been the only person in America who was unaware that the Miss USA Pageant had happened, or was happening, or was still in existence, until this incident occurred. And Miss CA is going to be dining out on this “attack” for the rest of her life. I see a book deal in her future, lots of speaking gigs at evangelical universities, etc.

AP has the details of Carrie Prejean's inevitable book deal:

Carrie Prejean will publish a memoir called "Still Standing." Conservative book house Regnery Publishing said Monday that it will release the book. Prejean believes her crown was taken because she said she opposed gay marriage.... Prejean was replaced by the Miss California pageant's first runner-up, Tami Farrell. Farrell has also said she believes marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Gawker has the best headline:

Right-Wing Press to Publish Right-Wing Beauty Queen's Right-Wing Book, Coos Right-Wing Blog

And Elton John has the music video...

Hm... I loves me a shaggy-haired French boy in blue-body-paint stripes. Too bad I can't gay marry him.