Seattle Police are investigating a hate crime that that left two men severely bruised and cut on Capitol Hill the night of Friday, July 24.

According to a recently released police report, two men, one in his twenties and the other in his fifties, were walking away from the gay bar R-Place with friends at 11:00 p.m. when they were verbally harassed by a group of people smoking in front of the Honey Hole on E. Pike St. One of the men confronted the group, demanding an apology. But one member of the group shoved the man to the ground and three other men in the group started yelling at the man and "began to kick him as he lay on the ground in a fetal position."

The victim's friend was trying to pull the assailants off the victim when one of the assailants struck him in the chest, the report continues. Eventually the second victim stopped the assault with the help an "unknown, un-involved female who stepped in to help the two." The group of attackers then went into Honey Hole.

Portions of the police report have been redacted, so it's unclear if anti-gay slurs were used during the attack. However, because the police report classifies the case as an "anti-homosexual bias crime" and the victims were leaving a nearby gay bar, the incident appears to be a gay bashing.

The first victim suffered two black eyes, a laceration to the bridge of the nose, and a bruise on his lower back from his right kidney area to his hip. The second victim was listed as having sustained a deep contusion to his chest. The victims were able to provide partial descriptions of the three men and two women.