KING TV has released a new mayoral poll conducted by SurveyUSA that shows Jan Drago being left in the dust while Joe Mallahan and Mike McGinn advance. Mallahan is now clipping the heels of Mayor Greg Nickels, if you believe this poll, which looks very different from another poll released two days ago. Here are today's numbers:

Greg Nickels — 22 percent

Joe Mallahan — 19 percent [up from eight percent three weeks ago]

Mike McGinn — 15 percent [also up from eight percent]

James Donaldson — 11 percent

Jan Drago — 7 percent

Elizabeth Campbell —- 3 percent

Kwame Garrett -— 3 percent

Norman Sigler -— 1 percent

Twenty percent of likely voters are still undecided

Mallahan's jump in the polls—again, if you believe it—coincides with an onslaught of his new television ads: