This liquorice is not only a delicious treat, it is also a learning tool:


When one Australian Kookaburra bird starts its boisterous laugh like call, suddenly the bush is alive with contagious laughter! Some say it's to mark their territory, but we know better. They're laughing because the 'Best Liquorice in the World' bears their name!

Okay. A few things here. Is it a "laugh like call" or is it "laughing"? PICK ONE. And why are the kookaburras laughing? First, liquorice package tells us, it's because their laugh is some sort of "contagious" disease. Sure! I'll buy that. Bird disease. But then, wait, "some" (i.e. KOOKABURRA SCIENTISTS) say that the kookaburras laugh to mark their kookaterritory. I was down with the contagious laughing disease, but this sounds even more plausible. I'm glad we had this little talk about animal facts, liquori—NOPE! Then liquorice says that it knows BETTER than the two perfectly good explanations it's already given us. Now the kookaburras are laughing because they found out (who told?) that someone named a liquorice company after them (I'LL TOTALLY TRY THAT ONE AT OPEN MIC!!!), and that is the funniest fucking thing a kookaburra has ever heard. So what you're saying is that kookaburra has the shittiest sense of humor in all of biological class aves (even worse than a stupid fat robin), and for that reason we should eat your liquorice? Because that's what I'm hearing. Explain yourself, Kookaburra Liquorice. Ha ha ha. Kookaha ha.