For trying to teach the General Manager of the White Sox a lesson about jaywalking. As Kyle Koster tells the sordid tale of urban malfeasance:

An otherwise successful day for White Sox GM Ken Williams was marred by a Barney-Fife-in-Mayberry moment when he was cited for jaywalking outside of Safeco Field in Seattle on Monday.

Just a short while after claiming outfielder Alex Rios off of waivers, Willams hopped out of a cab while taking on his cell phone and made a beeline across the street outside of the stadium. Not doing this maneuver at a Seattle-approved crosswalk landed him a $56 ticket.

This of course was not the most expensive decision of the day in light of the $61.6 million contract attached to Rios, but perhaps the most embarrassing and, arguably, head-scratching one.

Williams apparently attempted to explain how we do things here in the Windy City, but had no luck.

Williams tried to tell the officer people in Chicago cross streets anywhere [. . .] .

He said the officer told him, "not in Seattle."

How Chicago sees Seattle law enforcement
  • How Chicago sees Seattle law enforcement

What if he'd crossed into the path of Critical Mass? Oh, the humanity!