Yesterday brought a letter to the editor from a man named Niko.

Subject: Regarding the past cover story

I just wish to say that a majority of those people at the clubs who are there are idiots and were involved in frats and sororities. These people who go only care about the superficial things in life such as how you look, what clothes you wear, or who you came with for that matter. These people are idiots, drinking Goose cause it said to in their favorite rap songs or Patron for that matter. The whole cliche bout goin out to the club is ridiculous, kids get drunk at home, drive drunk to the clubs, and drive even drunker home. Girls get dressed up like prostitutes (they say they aren't but why are they wearing prostitutes uniforms?) and guys get dressed up like douche bags, we've all seen it.....

Niko goes on for several hundred words that you don't need to read. More importantly, the piece Niko is complaining about—"Seattle's Ragin' Asians!"—was published not in The Stranger but in the Weekly.

However, we're perfectly happy to continue the series.