9/11: Obama speaks on the anniversary of 9/11.

Democrats Against War-Mongering President: Obama faces doubt from within on Afghanistan.

Don't Start With Me: Iran warns opposition leaders.

McWin: Dominic Holden calls debate for McGinn, the PI agrees.

Of Course You Realize, This Means War: Rockets from Lebanon hit Israel.

Tell It to the Judge: Pakistani forces arrest Taliban leader.

Protecting the Bigots: Judge shields R-71 signers.

They Don't Need Any Money; They're Poor! G20 denies cash for developing nations.

They Don't Need Any Health Care; They're Poor! Top Democrats weaken on public option.

Jail to the Chief: Corrupt ex-president of Taiwan gets life in prison.

Stupid Media: Vilsack says media screwed up swine flu coverage.

Oozing Class: Kent man tells woman to have sex with him or he'll post nude photos of her on the internet.

And Now, Your Daily Muppet, Guest-Starring a Feral Alan Arkin: