Survey USA has released a poll of likely general-election voters that finds mayoral candidate Joe Mallahan leads Mike McGinn by a five-point margin. Mallahan has 41 percent of the vote, McGinn 36 percent, and 23 percent remain undecided. In a addition to Mallahan being the conservative darling, pollsters note a few interesting points about who likes whom:

• Mallahan, who finished a fractional point behind McGinn in the 8-candidate August 18 primary, runs strongly among voters age 50+, among Asian American voters, among Republicans, and among both conservatives and moderates.

• McGinn is strongest among the youngest voters and among liberals.

• Mallahan leads by 8 points among women, and by 3 points among men.

• Among those with household incomes greater than $50K, Mallahan leads by 9 points.

• Among those with incomes below $50K, McGinn and Mallahan are effectively even.

• Among college graduates, Mallahan leads by 8 points.

This poll was sponsored by KING-TV, which has sponsored most of the polls in the election, and should deserves a round of civic applause. That said, previous polls sponsored by KING and conducted by Survey USA, which uses telephone robots to record voter preferences, have shown McGinn polling lower than his final numbers. Whereas a poll conducted two weeks before the election showed McGinn by seven points behind Mayor Greg Nickel, King County election results showed McGinn two points ahead.