The Seattle City Council approved a plan this afternoon to spend up to $15 million annually to make Seattle more walkable and establish priorities for improving pedestrian accommodations. However, the legislation is currently only a resolution and must be followed up with funding in the city budget.

The Pedestrian Master Plan, among other ambitions, would build sidewalks in neighborhoods where Seattlites currently must walk in the street, paint crosswalks, install signals at intersections, and repair crumbling sidewalks.

The plan was developed in conjunction with an advisory committee, including mayoral contender Mike McGinn, and the Seattle Department of Transportation. Mayor Greg Nickels had originally suggested funding only $10 million a year. However, last week in the council's transportation committee meeting, council member Nick Licata introduced an amendment that aimed funding up to $15 million annually.

On Friday, Mayor Greg Nickels is expected to propose next year's budget, which is facing a deficit, and could include funding for the pedestrian accommodations. The council has until the end of November to pass the city budget and thereby fund the pedestrian improvements.