Tobias Lyons, the smirking piece of shit in the mugshot above, was arrested Friday in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and charged with sexual indecency with a child. Lyons isn't a youth pastor, so he didn't qualify for this morning's installment of YPW. Nope, Lyons is an abstinence educator.

Fort Smith Police Sgt. Levi Risley says that 25-year-old Tobias Patrick Lyons was arrested Friday after he allegedly asked a 14-year-old girl for sex. Risley says Lyons previously worked with Reality Check, an organization that makes abstinence presentations in area schools. The Reality Check office in Fort Smith confirmed Lyons had worked there, but declined further comment.

What's with the past tense there, A.P.? Lyons met both of the girls he's accused of treating indecently while he was employed by Reality Check. He doesn't work there now—he's been fired—but he was working there then. This TV news report gets it right...

When his daughter started attending a program at her school to help promote abstinence from sex, drugs and alcohol, he went to the first session with her. He toured the facility and met the staff, including Tobias Lyons. Then, he found out the same man he trusted was asking his 14 year old daughter for sex.

According to Reality Check's website—currently yanked—Reality Check is an "abstinence education program operated by Tree of Life Preventive Health Maintenance, Inc." According to Tree of Life's website—also yanked—Tree of Life is, "a Christian organization that promotes healthy living in our community." Lyons met both the girls he's accused of getting indecent with while teaching at a public school in Fort Smith. Your tax dollars at work.