This shit is just getting creepy.

Facebook is even more omniscient than you thought: it can now chart the world's collective hopes and dreams and highs and lows—sort of, at least.

The company's data team on Monday launched a trippy new application called the "Gross National Happiness Index." Taking a similar format to its "Lexicon" trend-tracking product, the "GNH" currently displays a graph of data tabulated over the course of the past few years to track the "happiness" of Facebook users based on words picked up in their status messages.

Facebooks Gross National Happiness Index
  • Facebook's Gross National Happiness Index (Click to Enlarge)

Gross National Negativity:

Gross Negativity Since Oct. 2007 (Click to Enlarge)
  • Gross Negativity Since Oct. 2007 (Click to Enlarge)

h/t: Cnet