• Office of Jay Inslee
The early word on Washington Congressman Jay Inslee's turn today on the White House basketball court?

Speaking by cell phone after playing several games—both with and against the president—Inslee said:

It was a titanic struggle. Just like everything in the nation’s capital. It was a great game. The president played an hour and 15 minutes with us...

The House members beat the administration the first game, and I think they beat us the second. But I’ll tell you, President Barack Obama has a serious game. I was blown away by his quickness and his moves to the hoop. He has some serious moves.

After going House vs. administration for a while, they mixed up the teams. Find out how many points Inslee scored over all, which cabinet secretary he "had a nice J over," which other cabinet secretary he blocked, and who in the Washington delegation "took an elbow to the chin or nose," tomorrow here on Slog. (When we'll also have pictures of today's match-up, which Inslee called "gym rat ball at its finest.")