At 1:00 p.m., the "No On 1033" campaign will answer your questions in Electionland about Tim Eyman's latest attempt to fuck over the state. You'd think Eyman would relish this chance to talk directly to you, the beleaguered taxpayers of Washington, without us liberal clowns here at The Stranger in the way. But no. Eyman won't do it (even though he reads Slog and routinely comments on posts about his body cadaver of work).

Initiative 1033 would have dire ramifications. Here's what we said in our endorsements, which we just published online a scant few minutes ago:

His latest initiative, like all the others he's dangled in front of voters in years past, is appealingly simple. Initiative 1033 would essentially cap the amount of money that the state, county, and city governments could collect from taxpayers and base this cap on how much those governments collected the previous year (adjusted for inflation and population growth). Any surplus would go toward reducing property taxes.

Almost sounds reasonable, huh?

But this initiative would lock Washington into its current budget forever—the worst budget the state has had in decades, due to the recession—and prevent lawmakers from making necessary investments in people and infrastructure when the economy improves. Picture this lean year, when we had to lay off roughly 3,000 teachers and cut basic health services for 40,000 people, as the best it's ever going to get from here on out.

Who would the initiative hurt most, why are groups across the state trying to stop it, and why won't Eyman defend the proposal that he put on the ballot? Ask HERE.

UPDATE: Tim Eyman has left a comment on this post. It's an old email exchange we had—in which Eyman says he's too busy to answer your questions—but he isn't too busy time to dig through his old emails and comment on blog posts.