Must Have Been Those Debate Performances: Fairview Fannie backing The Idiot for mayor.

Getting Close (Maybe): Senate Majority Leader says he's one or two votes away from passing opt-out public option. But is the White House trying to weaken it in the interest of kissing Sen. Olympia Snowe's Republican ass?

Morons: Disney offering refunds for Baby Einstein videos. Weird, sitting babies in front of the TV doesn't make them smarter?

Want A Flu Vaccine? Too bad, if you're in King County.

Big Coffee's Endorsement: Starbucks urges Approve vote on R-71.

The Batshit Crazy Endorsement:Sarah Palin joins other right-wing "leaders" in endorsing third party Congressional candidate in New York.

Because Privatization Has Worked Everywhere Else: Arizona might make death row inmates the responsibility of private companies.

Iran's Uranium: Nuclear inspectors plan to arrive at Iranian facility Sunday.

The Recession: Sucks worse for artists.

Not A Fast Runner? Then stay out of their fucking marathons, asshole elite runners say.

China: Making progress on emission control?

And just because I've been watching Monty Python all week...