These boys accosted me last night shortly after I arrived in Bloomington, Indiana. It was nearly midnight when I got to town and I was restless and hungry, so I left my hotel to find something to eat. I wound up on Kirkwood, just off campus, where there wasn't much to eat besides pizzas and pitas and subs. Walking back to my hotel—which is in the middle of Indiana University's insanely beautiful campus—I passed a food truck selling fresh-baked cookies. The boy on the left in the picture above, Dan, asked me to buy him a cookie. His friend Zac, on the right, told me that they run the Philadelphia cheese steak truck that's usually out on this corner and if I came back tomorrow night he would "set me up" with a cheese steak if I bought his friend Dan a cookie. The woman in the truck—exasperated with Dan and Zac—asked the boys to leave me alone. But Dan was persistent, telling me he'd do anything—anything—if I would just buy him a cookie. The picture doesn't do Dan justice; he's one of those people who looks better when he isn't smiling. He looks best, in fact, when he's leaning in close, alcohol on his breath, and promising to do anything—absolutely anything—for a cookie.

I love college towns.