On Oct 26, 2009, Officer Philip Ocker filed this report about an incident that happened near the heart of Beacon Hill:

I arrived at the location and contacted victims. They stated that they were inside cleaning the business—victim one was in the kitchen area and victim two was in the back room of the business. At around 7:48 pm, victim one heard the door chime and went into the salon area. She observed two subjects wearing ski masks and dressed in all black. Both subjects were holding black handguns. One of the subjects approached victim and grabbed her by the shirt and ordered her to go to the floor. Both subjects were demanding money. Victim one handed one of the subjects all of the cash she had on her person, approx $100.00.

Victim two heard the commotion and went to victim one's location. He entered the room and was contacted by one of the subjects and ordered, at gun point, to walk back into the back of the business. That subject went with victim two to the back rooms. Once there the subject ordered victim two to the floor.

Victim one was on the floor in the main room of the business. She noticed that one of the subjects had gone into the kitchen and was not paying attention to her. Victim one stood up and ran out of the business, across the street, to the Shell gas station at 2424 Beacon Av S and called 911. Once the subject discovered that victim one had fled the business, he ran out of the business towards S Bayview St. The subject in the back room with victim two heard the other subject flee and he also fled the business. Victim two then called 911. He believed that the subjects fled eastbound on S Bayview St. He stated that after the suspects fled the business they heard what sounded like two gun shots.

The moment when victim one runs out of the business is the moment when anything can happen, the moment when an abyss opens beneath the victim's life. Will she be discovered? Will she reach the gas station? Will she enter eternity?