On the afternoon of November 19, a man was driving from Renton to North Seattle on his way to apply for a job. On 3rd Ave NW near Holman Road NW, he "hit a pothole, flattening his right front tire," says a Seattle Police report. After pulling off to the side of the road, he went to his trunk to get a can of that stuff you spray into flat tires to temporarily fix them when he noticed a "large sidewall hole" on the flat tire. Then the man reported feeling a blow to the back of the head, but initially thought he hit his head on the car's side-view mirror. But the victim turned to notice an unidentified assailant standing over him holding a kitchen knife—"possible black handled steak knife, stainless blade, with a copper colored cap where the blade joins handle," the police says—pointed at the man's neck from five inches away. The knife-wielding person (who was not identified by gender) took the man's cash, tossed his wallet on the ground, and fled on foot.

The report concludes that the "victim thought about driving after the suspect but then recalled that his tire was flat."