Neighbours is the only gay dance club in Seattle that allows the 18 to 21 crowd admission, and they only do so for a few hours during the week. And once you're inside, the club is essentially "serving youth on a platter to a bunch of drunk, middle-aged men," says Kyle Rapinan, a 19-year-old political science major at UW. Some young gays might like that idea, but Rapinan says he has had it, and is now taking his frustrations out by launching Queer Youth Space

Why would Seattle need another LGBT group, especially at a time when the "gay parallel universe" is collapsing faster than ever?

"If you're not 21, and queer, you can't do anything... and that needs to change," Rapinan replies.

It's more than just a lack of dancing venues. He says there's a complete lack of "space" where queer youths can socialize, feel safe, and have a good time. And by youths, he means anyone under the age of 21, not just the 18-21 year old crowd. "It's hard to be young and queer in Seattle," Rapinan told me.

In late February, Rapinan will be holding an open forum at Seattle Central Community College for queer youth and their allies to discuss what direction the concept will take. "It's about what the constituents want," he said.

How many "constituents" are likely to show up for this?

It could be many. QYS's Facebook page has already established a fan base of over 500 people since it was created on Sunday.