On the evening of December 3, an employee of the Seattle Times Company had been attempting to sell subscriptions to residents inside a "lock out apartment complex with no visible no soliciting signs," a Seattle police report says. After the solicitor finished making her rounds—and getting one check from a resident—she proceeded towards the building's main exit, only to be confronted by an obese woman who "stood in the way of the exit and asked what she was doing there and how she got into the apartment," the report continues. The solicitor didn't have an ID badge because it was her second day on the job. The woman proceeded to question the Times employee, inquiring as to how she got into the building, what she was doing there, and if she had received any money. Seemingly unsatisfied with the solicitor's answers, the woman told the solicitor that she "wasn't leaving until the police arrived." As the solicitor again tried to leave, the report says that "the female pushed her back and into a wall, causing a bruise on her right hand." She then "pinned [the solicitor] in the door."

Although the woman managed to escape and call police, the report says, the solicitor "stated that she quit her job after the incident."