Anne Trubek writes for Miller-McCune about the overwhelming response to an earlier column she wrote.

In the article, [for GOOD Magazine] I argue that we should stop teaching cursive in primary schools and provide some background on the history of handwriting to back up my claims. The comments on my piece were hostile, insulting and vehemently opposed to my argument. The onslaught continued for a few more days: Some 2,000 comments were submitted, and editors took down about 700 of the worst. If you check this article online today, you will find more than 1,300 comments. For some reason, people are very invested in handwriting.

She is absolutely right—cursive is worse than useless now. Although I wonder how many of those negative comments came because of Trubek's choice of words. She begs teachers to "stop brutalizing our kids" with cursive, for one thing. But it's hilarious how angry people have gotten over this.

(Via the Utne Reader's science and technology blog. The insanity of the uppercase cursive Q is from Basic Handwriting for Kids.)