As you may recall, we recently reported that a man hit a woman on New Year's Eve after she chided him for cutting in line at a hot-dog stand on Capitol Hill. An unusually visceral reaction? Apparently not. About an hour later, a new police report shows, Seattle police officers were approached at 2nd Avenue and Bell Street by a woman who told them that a man and a woman were fighting across the street in the line of people waiting for hot dogs.

The woman had been waiting in line with her friends, according to the report, when the man "attempted to break in the line." An "argument intensified with other people joining in." The victim "stated that [the suspect] spit in her face twice and punched her in the upper lip with a closed fist." Two witnesses corroborated the victim's story.

However, the assailant "denied hitting or spitting at the victim" and was let go. "[The victim] stated she would like to follow through with prosecution against [the assailant]," the report concludes.

Here's a new rule to live by next New Year's Eve: Precook your hot dogs and take them with you when you go out to the clubs.