Nerd chic alert: Strap yourself into the Immerz KOR-fx sex harness multimedia enhancer and let on-screen aliens and Nazis stroke your rad pecs before you blow them away. Your body will crumple with delight under the force of "entirely new acousto-haptic technology," if you're anything like the gamers whose O-faces light up the second half of this insane promo clip:

Low-frequency sound has some interesting effects on our weak, fleshy bodies, so this might actually be good for more than a laugh or a slow defib. It costs a little under $200, so it's hardly an impulse buy for most of us, but if it can erogenize the gaming experience (or even just inject a little induced mysticism), we're all for it. If we get our hands on a sterile set for review, we'll write it up. Eventually.

The Stranger Testing Department is Rob Lightner and Paul Hughes.