Around 5:00 a.m. on Sunday, Seattle police received a call that a woman was being attacked in the Central District. An officer arrived at a house near the crime scene and found the victim "lying on the carpet in the entryway of the house sobbing... visibly shaken and... having a hard time catching her breath," according to a police report.

The woman told officers that she worked near 12th Avenue and East Jefferson Street, and left at 4:00 a.m. to walk home toward 23rd Avenue via East Fir Street, the report says. Along the way, she saw a man running southbound. She removed her earphones and became a "little paranoid" at that point. When she reached the intersection, the man jumped out of the bushes with a "4-inch knife with jagged edges on the handle." He held the knife at her throat and demanded that she give him her money, only to add that "he wanted 'everything,'" the report continues.

The victim temporarily escaped, running to the other side of the street, before tripping and falling to the ground. The attacker "got on top of her and put the knife to her throat again and put his hand underneath her dress and touched her," according to her statement in the report. She was able to push the knife away from her throat and yell for help; "the male hit her in the forehead with a semi-closed fist to try in an attempt to get her to stop yelling," the report says.

Her cries for help did not go unnoticed, as "a woman came out of an unknown house and asked if someone needed help" and promptly "stated she was calling 911." The man then fled westbound on East Fir Street. The victim described the male as:

"Hispanic about 5'7" between 180 and 200 pounds with a sparse dark colored mustache wearing light colored 3/4 length Capri style pants with a stripe down the side of them, grey hooded sweatshirt, a light colored beanie style cap"... and "very wide shoulders."

Police searched for the assailant but couldn't find him. "[T]he suspect did not get any of her money," the report concludes.