It's gotta be a bad sign—or a good sign, if you dislike the show, which I do—that Glee's producers are already stooping to casting stunts, right? And did anyone catch Project Runway season premiere last night? It looks like a much more talented group of designers than last season—the Los Angeles snooze-a-thon—and there's a girl Portland, Oregon, and a guy from Vancouver, Washington, if you're looking for locals to root for. I liked the winning dress, I thought the right person was sent home, Michael Kors was hilarious, and it looks like we've got two weepers (the crazy Asian lady and the black guy with the big teeth and the southern accent that Heidi had to chase off the runway after he narrowly avoided being eliminated). I couldn't give a shit about last season—I didn't even watch the finale—but I think this one might suck me in.