On January 11, a Seattle police officer responded to a home in Ballard where a victim complained he'd been robbed, a Seattle police report says. The officer talked to a man and woman who said the robber was a friend's acquaintance. The details are difficult to follow without ascribing names to the involved parties, so I have given them the following monikers: male victim (MV), female victim (FV), male suspect (MS), female suspect (FS).

According to the report, on January 8 at approximately 11:00 p.m. MV was at home when MS came in through his open back door holding a knife. He approached the MV and "held the knife to his stomach and told [MV] to give him all his money." He handed over $120 in cash and a credit card. The MS ordered the man not to call police or cancel the credit card "and if he did, [MS] would come back and kill him." The MV canceled the credit card an hour later, he told police.

Around 5:30 a.m., a mere six and a half hours later, the MV heard his doorbell ringing "and a female yelling for help." The MV went downstairs and opened the back door slightly, only to have it immediately shoved open by the MS from earlier. As he entered the house, the suspect punched the victim "in the face." The FS reportedly did nothing "but stand and watch." The MS escorted the MV into the kitchen, grabbed a butcher's knife, and, again, held it to the victim's stomach.

The MS demanded more money, but was out of luck, as the MV told him that he did not have any more money. So, the MS told him to write a check. And he did! He wrote a check for $1,000. Check now in hand, the MS and FS stole the victim's car, but not before telling him that "he was going to go to Money Tree in Greenwood," the report says, and "when they call to verify the check to tell them to cash it for him."

They called. He gave them the okay.

The report continues, saying that the next morning, "an unidentified female called and said that she had his vehicle and that she wanted $500 for him to get it back." The MV "did not want to go, so he gave FV $150 in cash and a $350 check. (The check was canceled later that day.) She met the female caller and exchanged the money for the car." The woman was described as being "white and in her 40's."

When the officer asked the victim why he did not report any of this when the guy "first robbed him and every time after," he said that "he was scared and thought he could handle it himself."