The Results So Far
  • The Results So Far
"The Centralia Chronicle is perhaps the most conservative of all newspapers in the state," writes Slog commenter I Got Nothin'. "For example, endorsing I-1033—I believe the only newspaper in the state to do so. They are currently running a poll as to whether the TransAlta coal-powered steam plant (the largest polluter in the state, by far) should be shut down. Unsurprisingly it's running in the high 90% to keep it open and I'd like to fuck with them. If we could get Slog readers to go to and vote to close down TransAlta we can reverse the poll results in no time."

Presumably Centralia Chronicle polls—like Slog polls—are scientifically sound and legally binding. Go and vote "yes," Sloggers.

UDATE: Mission accomplished, Sloggers.