On the evening of January 14, a man called police to report that he'd been assaulted with a baseball bat three days earlier, a police report says. The man told officers he was by himself at Capitol Hill bar the Crescent Lounge, "which he described as 'a gay bar, but a place that was cool even though he was straight and married.'"

At the Crescent, he met a pimp—no description was given—and the the pimp's female prostitute, the report continues. For unexplained reasons, the man "offered to drive [the pimp and prostitute] around to a few locations in the Central District. After about thirty minutes of driving around, the couple started smoking crack in his truck." At that point, the man pulled over his truck and took a piss on the side of the road. As he looked back towards his truck, he saw the suspect "swing a baseball bat at him, hitting him above his left eye." The pimp then fled on foot (the report does not explain where the prostitute went).

The man then "drove himself home then to Swedish Hospital in Ballard," the police records conclude. "He delayed in reporting this because he did not want to report it until his wife talked him into it."