In the early afternoon of Friday, January 22, a man contacted police to report an assault that allegedly occurred the previous night at the Moore Hotel in downtown Seattle. According to a police report, the victim said that he checked in to the hotel around 5:00 p.m. with a female guest, and was set to "do a Cabaret show" later in the evening.

Several hours later, he and the guest returned to the hotel, where a nighttime desk clerk confronted them regarding payment for the room. The clerk "seemed to suggest that they did not have the funds to pay for the room and became enraged," the report says. The hotel guests insisted that they'd already paid on a credit card. A brief verbal argument ensued between the three people, during which time, another hotel employee showed up.

The man's friend finally agreed to just pay the bill to end the argument. But as they walked to the elevator, the friend asked the night clerk why he was being such a "dick." The other hotel employee, according to the officer, said "at least he wasn't going to get 'AIDS.'"

The man, clearly offended by the remark, said, "fuck you" to the clerk. "At that moment, both [hotel employees] grabbed victim and dragged him from the elevator and threw him to the concrete outside," the police report says. During the assault, SPD records continue, the man's friend was "slammed into the wall."

Once outside, the night clerk walked away, but the other employee stood by and stated, "I get off work in 20 minutes, faggot, so stick around," according to the SPD records. Once again, the victim said "fuck you" and walked away from the scene. The officer noted that the victim "had evident injury to his left wrist (swollen), and abrasions to his left hand and right elbow."

The next day, the hotel manager was contacted, and he "apologized for the events," the report says. He added that "he would pay all [the victims'] medical bills from the event."