...because he's really, really, really not kissing that guy?

Says Advertising Age...

We've been a little hesitant in running with the story of Mancrunch, the gay dating site supposedly looking to get into the game. But a spokesman for Mancrunch said the marketer isn't trying to show CBS up or make a political statement. It's simply done the math and thinks the Super Bowl is the best place for the brand. Mancrunch's attempt to land a Super Bowl spot has kicked up a ruckus online, where commenters upset about CBS's decision to air an anti-abortion ad starring football star Tim Tebow are howling about the network's alleged double standards because it won't air a spot showing two men kissing.

But, again, the ad doesn't show two men kissing. It shows two guys lunging toward each other, one with his mouth open, but at the last second their heads turn and they lunge past each other and place their chins on each other's shoulders and tilt their heads from side-to-side. Which isn't kissing. It's not even simulated kissing. But the blond is foxy and his ass looks pretty good in those baggy gray sweatpants, huh?