The latest from the author of the upcoming Staying True:

South Carolina first lady Jenny Sanford recalls how she made the "leap of faith" to marry husband Gov. Mark Sanford even though the groom refused to promise to be faithful, insisting that the clause be removed from their wedding vows.

Jenny Sanford says it "bothered" her and she "questioned" it, but she "got past it."

Look, lady: HE TOLD YOU BEFORE YOU THE CEREMONY HE DIDN'T WANT A MONOGAMOUS MARRIAGE. He deleted it from the vows; you said "I do" ("bothered" or not). What the hell do you expect?

From Staying True:

With the benefit of the knowledge I have about Mark now, I could point to this moment as a clear sign of things to come.

Hindsight is 20/20 and all that. But isn't "I will not vow to 'stay true' to you" crystal clear anytime?

Meanwhile, as her book comes out on Friday, along with a Barbara Walters interview, she's bemoaning the impact this is having on her children in the national press (which doesn't exactly lessen the impact) and telling the AP that she just wants to get on with her life. So do we, Jenny Sanford—so do we.