Not the LaRouche activists who were assualted, but equally idotic, nonetheless
  • Not the LaRouche activists who were assaulted, but equally idiotic, nonetheless
Around 1:00 p.m. last Friday, a woman assaulted an activist working at a table promoting quadrennial failure for president Lyndon LaRouche, according to a Seattle police report.

When contacted by an officer, the female victim reported that she was "standing out in front of the [Chase] bank with a friend promoting the LaRouche PAC and the impeachment of the President," the report says. You've seen these people around the city. They're the ones who equate Obama's attempts at health-care reform in this country with Hitler's extermination of the Jews.

The victim said she witnessed a woman leave the bank and get into a black Ford Ranger pickup truck, only to soon get out and approach the two LaRouche supporters. "The contact at this point was nothing out of the ordinary," according to police. She further added that "she is used to having people confront her over the picture of the President with a 'Hitler Mustache' and calling for his impeachment." After a brief verbal altercation between the two, the suspect returned to her vehicle.

Evidently, exchanging some heated words was not enough for the woman. The police report says that the woman "returned and attempted to take the sign of the president off the table." The LaRouche woman tried to get the sign back, and was subsequently "shoved" away, causing her to accidentally hit her friend in the face, the report says. The assailant gave up on trying to take the sign and left in her vehicle.

You may recall a similar incident occurring up in Edmonds back in September. (See Thursday, February 4)