Bill Gates Sr. takes a shot at it in our recent interview about his efforts to pass Initiative 1077:

What do your wealthy friends think of your proposal?

I’m sure it’s quite mixed. You know, there’s a natural disinclination to have your tax bill go up, and a lot of people respond to that specific ingredient of the situation and they don’t want it to happen. And a good many, probably a minority, feel like—as I’ve already said—like there’s a sense of justice in the equation of people with the highest incomes paying at least a proportionate amount of their share of the taxes to run the state.

Now, one of those wealthy Washingtonians who is opposed to this initiative—and I don’t know if he’s your friend or not—is Frank Blethen, publisher of the Seattle Times. You’ve seen his paper’s editorial against I-1077, I’m sure. What do you say to someone like him?

Frank Blethen is a friend. He’s among those on the side of the coin that opposes more taxes on the well-to-do.

And what do you say to someone like him?

What I’ve already said to you. The justice of the situation is to have people with higher incomes pay more.

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