On this weekend in 1936, Orson Welles closed the most famous production of Macbeth ever staged. Which is my excuse to post a couple of YouTube clips of what should've been the second-most famous production of Macbeth—Greek Active's staging at Re-bar sometime in the late 20th century, directed by Dan Savage and starring Charles Smith (beloved regular of the French Project who just had a show at NWNW [sorry I missed your show, Charles] and will be up in On the Boards's next season).

Unsex me, bitches! (Keep an eye out for Teatro ZinZanni goddess Kevin Kent):

I also love this bit of fucking with text when the action suddenly moves from Scotland to England:

Follow the YouTube links for more.

(And please note that this post isn't just kissing Dan's ass. I gave both him and Charles Smith a big raspberry for their last show together, at ConWorks, when I was just a tiny, thumb-sucking freelancer. Let the record show that I call it like I see it, even when it might piss off my superiors. And that I truly regret not being able to see Macbeth when I was too young to get into Re-bar. UPDATE: Savage, apparently, didn't actually direct that ConWorks show even though his name was on the poster. The story is a little confusing, but suffice to say he wasn't responsible for the show and I thought he had been all these years. Not that anybody cares. Look! A hummingbird! Do you think hummingbirds poop? They seem like such perfect little engines that they wouldn't have any waste product. But they must poop. Does it just come out as a fine, sweet-smelling mist? Anyway.)