Last Monday, August 2, at just before midnight a man walking home along Harvard Avenue E was allegedly called a faggot and shoved to the ground, causing numerous injuries including chipped teeth and a split chin, according to a filed police report.

The man was at the intersection of Harvard Avenue E and E Roy Street, headed north, when a stranger wearing a backwards baseball cap passed him headed in the opposite direction. As the stranger passed, he allegedly called the victim a faggot and then pushed the victim from behind, knocking him to the sidewalk. The report states that the victim "struck his face on the concrete" causing obvious lacerations to his nose, lip, and chin, as well as several chipped front teeth. The victim stated that no other words were said by either party, either before or after the assault.

The report notes that when police arrived on scene, the victim was "covered in blood" and that his chin required stitches.

Officers in the area were unable to locate the alleged attacker. He is described as a white man in his 20s, approximately 5'11", weighing 160 lbs.