Slog tipper Josh alerted us to the fact that Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll recently spoke out on Twilight. It turns out that Amazon is sending kids to Twilight-esque books about werewolves, vampires, and "weird relationships." Driscoll hates these kind of books because they're about dark things like Mormonism. He really tears into Mormonism at the end of this one, making the obvious joke about the Angel Moroni:

Driscoll clearly has difficulty with the "discernment" (one of his favorite words) between truth and fiction. A book called Hell's Heroes almost causes him to have a stroke onstage. My favorite part: "You know what? Dead people don't talk to you! Demons pretend to be dead people!" That's a Certified Mark Driscoll Fact™!

(Driscoll also says he's about to publish his daughter's blog posts, which feature "critical book reviews." We'll request a review copy.)