For me, the best part of this whole Gawker-Stranger-Tao Lin adventure is that I'm learning about all sorts of corners of the blogosphere. I think I've found three or four neat blogs that I now follow religiously. The newest one is Techyum, which has some fun commentary about the Great Blog Battle of Last Week:

This past week Gawker called out those “rain-soaked latte zombies” in Seattle for their cover story on Lin, by Lin, and in doing so managed to step in a big squishy irony turd, which is gonna be tough to get out of those point-toed goth shoes you New York vamps always wear.
What leaves Sacramento so bewildered — and here I speak for my re-adopted hometown of Manure-Huffing Coke Zero Werewolves the same way Gawker seems to speak for the Big Apple whenever suckerpunching Seattle — is that this is apparently now a grudge match. I don’t know where the irony starts and where it ends.

This much is absolutely true: Tao Lin's feature has inspired so much bloggy fun.