The case for not worrying about Washington's tax on bottled water is right here, but if you're super riled up about this tax and can't wait until November to do something about it, well, you can always follow the lead of Seattle University, which just announced in a press release:

Today, Seattle University became the first college or university in the state of Washington to go bottled-water free. The university has removed bottled water from vending machines, concession stands, the campus bookstore, on-campus restaurants and catering.

The move was spurred by students concerned about the social and environmental impacts of bottled water. Seattle University students spent the last three years working in partnership with university administrators to eliminate bottled water campuswide.

A side-benefit, of course, is that no matter what happens in November, students in search of water on the Seattle University campus will no longer be paying the bottled water tax. I think maybe—just maybe—even our intern Matt would approve of this tax-dodging solution.