Head First Into the Glory Hole: Governor Gregroire announces that the deep-bore tunnel bids came in on budget; Mayor McGinn calls bullshit, saying the bids were artificially low.

Murray Vs. Rossi: As ad spending ramps up in one of the country's closest races, teevee viewers can't escape their giant talking heads.

What Do Vegan Zombies Eat? Grraaaaaaiiiiiinnss! Zombies overtake Seattle Center this weekend for ZomBcon.

Why I Fear the Mailman: Two explosive packages addressed to synagogues in Chicago were all but signed and stamped by Al Qaeda, reports Homeland Security.

I Feel Better Already: Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity lands in Washington D.C. today. Watch live coverage of the event here.

Missing Woman's Dog Found: Search parties are hopeful the dog of a woman gone missing on Sauk Mountain nearly a month ago might lead them to her.

Sickening: Chevron lawyers sanctioned for their seven-year delay of a trial in Ecuador. Chevron stands accused of dumping 18 billion gallons of toxic waste toxic waste into Amazon rainforest and faces $113 billion in damages, including "compensation for an estimated 10,000 potential deaths from cancer in the coming decades, according to reports submitted by a team of prominent American technical experts," reports Businesswire.com.

J'Accuse! After an investigative panel fingered Halliburton's faulty cement as a contributing factor to the deep oil well blow out, Halliburton brushes off blame for the spill, fingers BP instead.

Some Small Comfort: Registered sex offender charged for the 2008 Halloween rape and killing of a young Redmond woman.

The World has a New Largest Jesus Statue: It's in Poland.