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I'm sure the current ruling party in Texas will be building a bigger Jesus statue soon. They need more to put into their creative rewriting of history for school children. They can devote an entire chapter to the process of building and how it proves they are better Christians than anyone else in the world.
(My apologies to the [few] normal people living in Texas.)
The less people believe that nonsense the bigger the Jesus statues get. It's like they're trying to convince themselves.
The statue itself will be more than twice as high as the hill it's being built on. That's going to look ridiculous. At least the statue on Corcovado looks pretty awesome.
Someone needs to build a Jesus Monster Truck. Come to think of it, I bet someone already has...
That Chevron story is awful. When are going to do something about this? 10,000 people will die and there has been no effort at cleaup? wtf?