As I said last week, Glenn Beck announced on the day after the elections that he was going to unveil the puppet master behind the ongoing destruction of America. The secret is out: Beck is targeting George Soros. As Salon says, "Fox host paints the liberal Jewish philanthropist as an anti-Semitic anti-capitalist who is out to destroy America."

Then, in an interview with Rand Paul yesterday, Glenn Beck tried to get the new Senator to back his anti-Soros agenda:

GLENN: ...I believe we are facing the most dangerous two years of our republic's history. These next two years may decide whether we as a country live or die. Would you agree with that?

RAND PAUL: Yeah, I think that I keep telling people there's a day of reckoning and that it's not in the distant future, that it's now become an imminent problem...

GLENN: Here's what I am concerned about. There is, as I'm doing a show on Soros tonight, there is a global governance that is being constructed, and most of it is already in place. It's already there. And there are people pushing us over the edge because they want that global governance. They don't believe in really our sovereignty and our system of government. They are trying to cut us down to size, et cetera, et cetera. The rest of the world is looking at what we're doing to their economies now by quantitative easing. They see what's happening. The world is going to turn on us and blame us for all of their problems. And in some ways, especially the last two years, we'll deserve that. You are being faced now with a couple of things. One of them is the debt ceiling. And the Republicans I thought, you know, they stood lockstep. Nobody voted for the increase of the debt ceiling. I don't believe that we cannot raise the debt ceiling. I think we have to cut spending dramatically. But if we can't do both, we have to make some — we can't default on our loan because I'm afraid of an event like that, of any kind of real major event will set the dominoes, just push the first domino over and then it's just a collapse. Do you agree or disagree with that?

In an especially damning sign, Paul changes the subject and refuses to agree with Beck's one-world government theory. Glenn Beck is falling down the same rabbit hole that consumed 9/11 Truthers (Google "Amero" and you'll find an astounding mess of conspiracy theories.) Never mind that Rand Paul used to talk about the crazy North American One World Government idea; that was pre-Republican-machine-packaged Rand Paul. If Beck keeps banging at this crazy one-world government drum, he's going to wind up way out on the fringes.