Oh, man. I usually hate it when fanboys whine about a comic book adaptation before they see the adaptation. But the internerds are up in arms about this Vogue slideshow of shots from Julie Taymor's upcoming musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, and I don't think I can bring myself to play devil's advocate on this one. This looks terrible:


That is supposed to be Carnage, who is a dumb, derivative character anyway. It is not the dumbest photo in the slideshow. When I first saw these photos, I thought it was a weird fan collage involving a photo from a fashion shoot and a badly homemade action figure. I was halfway right. It doesn't help that the Vogue story accompanying this slideshow is titled "KA-POW!," which is the laziest journalism cliche of all time. But how can you look at this project and not think of Batman and Robin?

To cleanse your palate, I now link to a video showing the making of that incredible GQ photo shoot starring Lea Michele and a couple of other people who are not Lea Michele.