Here's the P.I.'s Big Blog:

At a Seattle School Board meeting Wednesday night, a concerned parent will petition for a ban on Aldous Huxley's classic book "Brave New World."

Sarah Sense—Wilson is the mother of a student at Nathan Hale High School in Seattle's Lake City neighborhood. She's seeking to ban the book from being taught in classrooms after her daughter was offended by the reading assignment.
KUOW reports that Sense-Wilson's daughter was offended by the satire from 1932, specifically the way Huxley's characters talked about the savages.

"They left having an image of Indian people as being criminals," she said when interviewed on KUOW. "That we're to be feared. That we're scary. That we hold these ceremonies that are animalistic and brutal and violent."

Holy fucking shit. You read about this shit happening in Alabama and you think, "Oh, well; those crazy Alabamians sure do hate books." Then you read about this happening in your city and you're all, "Holy fucking shit! This is ridiculous."

I'm sorry that this dystopic science fiction satire written 80 years ago has some concepts that your daughter finds offensive, lady, but I am offended that you are trying to ban the book. Let's just call it even, okay?