Today in/In Case You Missed It re: Seattle Police Officers Kicking Cooperating Juvenile Suspects in the Groin, Chest, and Head: SPD may use an outside agency to conduct the official investigation into the incident, while the ACLU says it will push for a federal investigation of the SPD's alleged civil-rights violations. Meanwhile, KOMO has obtained a video allegedly showing the alleged groin-kicking officer "in a violent confrontation with a citizen shortly after participating in [the] arrest that caused him to be suspended as part of an excessive force investigation."

Go Down Fighting: Obama to battle GOP over arms control.

On Trial: Rob McKenna's authority.

Now Open: Two emergency shelters for Seattle homeless.

Coming Soon: Artist housing near Mount Baker light rail station.

Okay, But It's Not Like He Could Be Worse: Tiger Woods says he's a better person since his life-ruining adultery-fueled car crash.

Pig Fuckers: Cops in Mill Creek, WA caught having sex on the job.

Net Neutrality: FCC plans action.

Worms with Good Aim: "Experts dissecting the computer worm suspected of being aimed at Iran’s nuclear program have determined that it was precisely calibrated in a way that could send nuclear centrifuges wildly out of control," reports the NYT.

Meanwhile in Burien: Sweat shop found operating in suburban garage.

Meanwhile in Spokane!: "A former sheriff's deputy with a history of driving under the influence was arrested Wednesday after crashing into another vehicle. This time, deputies found an open can of the now-banned alcoholic beverage drink Four Loko," reports KIRO.

Seriously, Good for Him: Judge gives Chris Brown a glowing probation progress report.

Here Comes Miley: Traffic snarls expected as the Northwest preps for the Miley Cyrus concert tomorrow in an Eastside parking lot for the grand opening of the Bellevue Microsoft Store.

Finally, on this day in 2002, Michael Jackson creeped out the world by dangling his infant son over a third-floor hotel balcony. The kid lived, Jackson eventually died, and to commemorate the occasion, let's revisit the time when Michael Jackson was himself but an infant being dangled before the world (and KILLING IT!)