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A cup of coffee, a glass of Irish whiskey, one cheeseburger, and one basket of fries at Unicorn. The bar is nearly empty, the music is good, and the burger is the perfect size: big enough to satisfy, but not some excessive, gloppy mess that's difficult to eat. And the fries are "house-cut" but still thin enough to fry (double-fry?) up nice and crispy.

Just in case you were wondering.

(p.s. Certain persons—well, the only two persons—at the bar are very excited that today is Miley Cyrus's 18th birthday. "It's Miley Day!" one yells. "Miley goes legal today!" someone else yells. I do not have strong feelings about this subject.

Then another conversation about the bartender, who was sledding last night. Her: "Me and Denny Hill were getting intimate last night!" Man at bar: "Who's Denny Hill?")