Oh, my fucking god. I thought I was desensitized to these stories—cops raiding houses for drugs and then, as these testosterone-fueled rampages sometimes do, ending in a shooting—but then this one was just... too much.

First, the story:

Utah police shot and killed a man within seconds of storming his parents' home, video of the raid shows. The police had a warrant to search for drugs, but found only a small amount of pot and an empty vial that had apparently contained meth. Local media report that Todd Blair, 45, was a drug addict rather than a dealer, according to friends and family.

In the video, Blair can be seen holding a golf club above his head as police smash through his door. Within seconds, without demanding Blair drop the iron or lay down, Weber-Morgan Strike Force Sgt. Troy Burnett fires three shots into him. The local prosecutor has deemed the killing justified, but his family is planning a federal lawsuit, arguing that police had plenty of alternatives.

This took place last September, but the video, which is after the jump, just came out. It may scar you for life—you have been warned.

The Salt Lake Tribune has more.