Lynn Shelton (filmmaker):

Last night at Frizzelle's ridiculously charming silent reading party, I dug into The Meaning of Smekday, a selection of "young adult" fiction that I recently had the pleasure of observing my 12-year-old son chortling his way through. He's got a great sense of humor so I thought I'd give it a whirl. I found myself hoping that my occasional giggles were not disturbing the beautiful peace too much... Luckily Kyle's lovely piano playing generally covered my tracks.

Megan Griffiths (filmmaker):

It was weirdly not weird to read silently in public among strangers doing the same. I brought along my friend David Lipson's new script that I was dying to read, and it was amazing to just sit and really focus and enjoy it. Enforced reading time might have to become a regular part of my schedule.

Lindy West (Stranger film editor):

The title of the book I was reading is not important. Let's just say that dragons are involved. And squires. Also zombies are coming over the north wall! Everything is fucked! Anyway, I enjoyed some fortifying quiet time and ate Crab Macaroni & Cheese, which should really be called Cheese Macaroni & Crab because there was a LOT of crab in it. Crab is my favorite food.

Who will the special guests be for the March 2 silent reading party? (Which isn't so silent anymore, now that Kyle O'Quin is playing classical piano for the first hour.) The whole lineup isn't set yet, but one of the confirmed special guests for March 2 rhymes with... REBECCA BROWN!