What, no love for atlatl users? My friends demand it! Amend this bill immediately!

It's apparently easier than doing something productive in the legislature.
By cherry-picking a seemingly random legislative bill you have clearly proven republicans are all talk and no action. I'm totally confident that if I scoured the proposed legislation of democrats across the country I would not be able to find anything of equal silliness.

"DEAD Honkey!"
I see nothing wrong with legalizing hunting with primitive weapons. When The Change happens you'll wish you'd learned.
I think you take the term "spear-chucker" to refer to someone less evolved like a caveman. The term is a derogatory insult to black men.
The question each conservative MT Senator must ask himself each morning: What would Custer do?
Story to appear some time in the next couple of years in the Missoulian: "Montana hand-thrown spear related injuries up 10,000%. Leader of Montana hand-thrown spear association claims, 'Spears don't kill people, people kill people'. Lone Montanan liberal calls for mandatory lockable hand-thrown spear safes to keep hand-thrown spears out of the hands of children."
From Wikipedia: "The Montana Constitution dictates that the legislature meet in regular session for no longer than 90 days in each odd-numbered year."

Thus the urgency. Sharp objects tied to long sticks await.
Jesus Goldy, it would have been funnier if you hadn't just put the punchline right in the post title.

Best SNL sketch ever.
The text of that bill is pretty sparse, mostly a change/addition to the existing hunting laws.

It's possible this is aimed at tribal members who prefer to hunt the hard way. I wonder if it will run afoul of international wildlife treaties, like the Makah & whaling?
how about...

Fifteen minutes can save you 15 thousand years of evolution.
@1 the bill actually is mostly about atlatls. Right now the Fish and Wildlife people tolerate atlatl hunting during rifle season, but the atlatl lobby* wants it officially recognized and to be allowed to hunt during bow season.

*Consisting mosty of "atlatl bob" who's a guy that lives near Bozeman and who's sort of the guru of the modern atlatl movement: http://www.hollowtop.com/atlatlbob.htm

The bill is actually pretty contentious since the (Democratic) governor has been touting it as an example of the frivolous bills introduced by the Republican-run legislature and is threatening to veto it for that reason alone.
I also came here to make an atlatl joke, only to be surprised that this indeed is an atlatl issue. O_o
For years I have held on to a spear that I found in my Cap Hill apt. laundry room one evening. It has been serving as a curtain rod of late, but i am relieved to hear that I could hunt with it in Montana! Yes!
If this passes, would it also make lawn darts legal again within Montana?

Only hunting with them.