Living the dream.
  • Chris Blakeley via Flickr
  • Living the dream.
It's Tuesday, which means our office is busy printing out a newspaper free pillows for the homeless. Tuesdays are frantic. Today, a friend sent me this story of a newly discovered 26-pound rabbit that lived peacefully on the island of Minorca, in the Mediterranean sea, five million years ago. On the island it had no enemies. Over time, it grew contentedly large and lazy, even losing its ability to hop:

When the seawater returned and Minorca returned to its island status, the rabbit found itself with no predators. Over time, it grew to become 10 times the size of its now-extinct mainland cousin. Other inhabitants of the island at the time included a bat, a large dormouse and a giant tortoise.

With no need for defense, the rabbit lost visual and hearing acuity. Its eye socket reduced in size over time, as did its ears.

On Tuesdays, I usually fantasize about the day I can successfully retire someplace nice and affordable, like my mother's basement, and live out a sexless existence filled with pudding pops and daytime talk shows. Now I will fantasize about this rabbit.