The U.S. Geological Service said a 7.1-magnitude earthquake occurred around 10:30 a.m. ET, near the same location off the coast of Japan as the March 11 earthquake. The news initially sent the Dow down more than 95 points.
From the natural to the cultural, from the real to the imagination. The same thing happened last year with the Russian fires. The natural disaster sent the price of wheat way up, and this resulted in food riots in Mozambique. The fires on the streets of Maputo continued the fires in the forests of Russia.

"Money is just money because we believe it's money," said a young philosopher in the back the 73 bus that was heading to the University District. He dispensed his wisdom at the very moment the bus crossed the Ship Canal Bridge—the receding business towers, the sprawling university, the boats in the canal, the hills, the emerging colors of spring, the low and slow-moving clouds, the sun coming out. The mind of the bus philosopher penetrated the reality around us and saw so clearly this illusion, this nothingness at the heart of an economic system that has entangled every human being on a world spinning through the emptiness of space.