The GSA at Interlake High School produced this amazing and moving video about the annual Day of Silence, which takes place tomorrow, and why they're participating. It's required viewing:

More info on the Day of Silence here, news about how the haters are responding here, and People for the American Way released a report today on the efforts of the religious right to keep schools safe... for bullies:

"The anti-anti-bullying movement sounds like a joke, but it's frighteningly real. The Religious Right is desperately trying to protect bullies and further marginalize gay and gay-perceived kids by stopping efforts to make schools safe for every child," said Michael Keegan, President of People For the American Way.... "The pro-bullying movement shows just how far the Religious Right is willing to go to stop the recognition and acceptance of gay people at every level of society, and to paint themselves as the victims of the gay rights movement,” said Keegan. "The real bullies are the adults who are willing to hurt kids in order to push a political agenda of intolerance and exclusion."

The full report is here.